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This is the second assessment of land use regulations and planning practices in our watershed, and provides an important understanding of how we are managing our community’s natural resources. Although progress in protecting water quality has been made, management actions are inconsistent across the watershed and even within sub watersheds. In order to protect the places we live, and accommodate growth. It is clear that purposeful coordination and consistency is critical to success in improving water quality and minimizing community costs associated with pollution and impacts from intensifying weather events.


Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership

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Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership

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PREPA_subwatersheds_Cocheco.pdf (1174 kB)
Cocheco River Subwatershed

PREPA_subwatersheds_Exeter.pdf (1737 kB)
Exeter-Squamscott River Subwatershed

PREPA_subwatersheds_Hampton.pdf (1796 kB)
Hampton-Seabrook Subwatershed

PREPA_subwatersheds_Lamprey.pdf (2038 kB)
Lamprey River Subwatershed

PREPA_subwatersheds_Oyster.pdf (1693 kB)
Oyster-Bellamy Rivers Subwatershed

PREPA_subwatersheds_SalmonFalls.pdf (1673 kB)
Salmon Falls River Subwatershed

PREPA_subwatersheds_Winnicut.pdf (1573 kB)
Winnicut-Coastal Subwatershed