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This technical report is part of a larger study entitled Protecting Wildlife and Significant Habitat in Coastal New Hampshire, an initiative of the Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership (GBRPP), funded by the New Hampshire Estuaries Project. The fieldwork component of the study was implemented by the Audubon Society of New Hampshire (ASNH) and the N.H. Fish & Game Department Non-game and Endangered Wildlife Program (NHF&G) in 2002, in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy of New Hampshire (TNC). This report focuses on the GIS mapping and predictive habitat modeling developed by the Society for the Protection of N.H. Forests (SPNHF) in support of the fieldwork component of this study and the larger land conservation efforts of the GBRPP in the Seacoast region. The results of this project are intended to help direct the conservation activities of the GBRPP and our local partners by providing on-the- ground data on the occurrences of significant biological and ecological resources in the Piscassic, and the lower and middle Lamprey river watersheds. It is also a goal of this project that the GIS modeling applications created for this project be transferable to other watersheds in the Great Bay region and the state. The project also provides valuable data for Federal, State, and local natural resource regulators and managers working to protect sensitive coastal resources.


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