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The Town of Exeter was interested in creating an education program for nonpoint source pollution. Exeter was not designated as a small municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) with the first group of Seacoast towns, but realized we had some of the same concerns and may be designated in the future. We partnered with other seacoast towns to create a video on storm water runoff. The video is an excellent tool for storm water education. We wanted to supplement the video with a hands-on activity. Storm drain stenciling created an excellent opportunity to get the public involved. The grant provided an opportunity for the town to initiate an outreach and education program. It not only provided funding, it connected us with Julia Peterson, UNH Sea Grant Program. Julia provided an excellent education program to supplement the stenciling activity. Exeter completed three very successful stenciling activities and plans to continue the program, extending out from the downtown area.


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