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At Town Meeting in 1996, Stratham residents authorized the establishment of a Water Commission in response to the proposal of the first commercial large volume groundwater withdrawal within the Town. The Stratham Board of Selectmen appointed members to the Commission in the spring of 2002 and charged the Commission with monitoring current water issues and forecasting the future water needs of the community. With no municipal water and sewer system, Stratham’s 7,500 residents and numerous commercial and industrial sites rely on wells to supply water. Very little data existed on these existing wells, making it difficult for the Water Commission to forecast how future demand will impact Stratham’s aquifers. With funding from this grant, the Stratham Water Commission, in partnership with the Stratham Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and Conservation Commission, surveyed all households and businesses in Stratham to gather specific well information with the intent of determining the approximate daily water demand for the Town.


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