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The Peirce Island Pool is owned by the City of Portsmouth and serves approximately 19,000 swimmers each summer. The pool was originally constructed in the 1930s and updated in the 1970s and again in the mid 1990s. The pool’s 800,000 gallons of water were cleaned through a rapid sand filter. The filter was then cleaned through a backwash process and that wastewater was discharged directly into the Piscataqua River which is part of the Great Bay Estuary. The City sought and was awarded funds through the New Hampshire Estuaries Project (NHEP) to eliminate the direct discharge to the River. The NHEP Workplan reference number for this project is 03-A-3. The goal of the Peirce Island Pool Discharge Elimination project was to remove the direct discharge of pool filter backwash that flows into the Piscataqua River.


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