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In New Hampshire, the Department of Environmental Services’ (NH DES) Site Specific Program, which enforces Administrative Rule Env-Ws 415 pursuant to RSA 485, is the primary mechanism for regulating stormwater runoff from development sites to surface waters. Rule Env-Ws 415 expires June 30, 2004. Although Program staff will recommend renewing the current Rule to continue regulatory authority over the short term, NH DES has also expressed an intention to organize a committee that will renew and revise Env-Ws 415 during the course of 2004 and 2005.

The purpose of this report is to provide NH DES with applicable stormwater management policy alternatives for consideration during the revision of Env-Ws 415 and the Site Specific Program. When approached for suggestions on how the NHEP could assist NH DES staff with the Rule revision process, NH DES requested assistance with identifying consistently referenced and credible citations for best management practice recommendations, particularly those that promote infiltration, in other states. A list of references cited by best management practices manuals is included as an appendix to this paper.


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