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This report summarizes the activities of the NHDES Shellfish Program for the period of January 2002 to June 2003. The NHDES Shellfish Program conducts a number of activities to minimize the health risks associated with consuming shellfish, and to continue to comply with National Shellfish Sanitation Program guidelines. Basic program functions included program administration, routine water quality monitoring (more than 700 samples collected at over 70 sites in 2002), “red tide” monitoring at two sites (49 weekly samples in 2002), pollution source identification and evaluation (233 properties inspected, and 106 new potential pollution sources identified in 2002), and a number of other studies and sampling programs. A particularly useful sampling program has been the initiation of post-rainfall water and shellfish tissue sampling in conditionally approved areas. This program improved management decisions and increased harvesting opportunities in Hampton/Seabrook Harbor by eight days (13 percent) in 2002. Sanitary surveys were completed for the Taylor River, Hampton Falls River, and Oyster River during the project period, resulting in opening of almost 350 acres of previously –closed growing waters. Surveys are well underway in Great Bay, Little Bay, Hampton/Seabrook Harbor, and the Bellamy River, while surveys have been initiated in other areas such as the Cocheco River, Salmon Falls River, and the Upper Piscataqua River.


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