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This project was designed for riverfront landowners and local land use decisionmakers to fill a critical gap in shoreland protection: land management by individual riparian landowners. By working directly with individuals in a hands-on venue, we intended to build a more informed public, knowledgeable about the value of riparian buffers. A better appreciation of the value of buffers not only improves stewardship of individual properties, but also is likely to inspire stronger support for regulatory approaches to shoreland protection. The project addressed several NHEP goals. The approach was to hold a series of public workshops, lead by specialists in water quality, nonpoint source pollution, and wildlife/ecology. One general, evening workshop designed to “set the stage” was followed by workshops held at specific types of riverfront land: urban, rural, forested, and agricultural. Due to the similarity of issues and low interest in urban lots, the urban and rural workshops were combined. Workshop participants received stewardship workbooks with general information and information specific to their type of property (urban/rural, forested, or agricultural).


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