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This report marks the completion of a two-year project focused on observed and estimated effects of wastewater treatment facilities (WWTFs) on estuarine water quality within the New Hampshire (NH) Seacoast region. This study was designed and carried out in an effort to help the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) and NH Estuaries Project (NHEP) evaluate the effects of WWTF effluent quality on bacterial and nutrient concentrations in New Hampshire’s estuarine waters, as well as to help NHDES/NHEP identify related WWTF infrastructure problems. An extensive database of bacterial and nutrient concentrations in effluent collected post-disinfection from 9 NH WWTFs and 2 Maine WWTFs that discharge into the Great Bay and Hampton/Seabrook estuaries was developed. The data were used to determine ratios between different bacterial indicators in WWTF effluent, estimates of in-stream bacterial concentrations following effluent discharge to receiving waters and estimates of nutrient loading from selected WWTFs.


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