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The purpose of this project was to provide significant educational efforts promoting land and water resource protection for two communities within the Hampton Harbor Watershed. The project was to include educational efforts aimed at promoting the NHEP Management Plan’s action items for protecting critical land and water resources, to provide sustained technical assistance that involved resource prioritization, support for public relations campaigns for open space bond campaigns, and the preparation of funding applications for important shoreland protection projects for the communities of Hampton and Hampton Falls. The project focus area was not defined, as much of the open undeveloped acreage in both communities was the main focus for protection efforts, which includes several hundreds of acres. The Protecting Hampton Harbor Watershed Project offered sustained assistance to the two conservation commissions, and was successful in helping to advance the implementation of two significant land and resource protection projects within the Hampton Harbor Watershed.

Although no permanent protection project was completed in full during the length of the Protecting Hampton Harbor Watershed Project, significant education and outreach efforts have been achieved and two significant land protection projects are in process. In fact, with the assistance of this shoreland protection project, one landowner with significant holdings in both communities is participating in a permanent protection project currently underway. The educational efforts on land protection, conservation options, resource prioritization, funding opportunities, and the public relations information to support the passage of local open space bonds brought much enthusiasm into both communities. Both communities became very active and successful with their resultant actions, each with somewhat of a different twist. Moreover, the motivation for permanent protection efforts has been securely established in both communities, and both have a renewed sense of the importance of permanent stewardship of natural resources.


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