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Between May of 2002 and December of 2003, the New Hampshire Estuaries Project provided the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forest/Center for Land Conservation Assistance with $64,400 for matching grants to distribute to assist with transaction costs associated with permanent land conservation projects in the New Hampshire estuaries area. Application materials were created and distributed, applications were received and reviewed and grants were made. The project was well received and very successful. Twenty-three grants were made to support transaction costs associated with projects that provided permanent protection for 1158 acres in 9 estuaries area communities. Grant funds of $57,141 leveraged over $187,657 of additional transaction funding from 15 other sources. The value of the land protected is well over $6.6 million. An ongoing program to provide similar assistance for the coming decade is recommended.


Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership

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New Hampshire Estuaries Project

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