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With the support of the New Hampshire Estuaries Project, the Rockingham Land Trust (RLT) researched the names and addresses of landowners along the Exeter, Squamscott, and Lamprey River corridors and within the target communities. Landowners were invited to participate in one of two free, land conservation and estate planning workshops. RLT followed up with each participant by letter and phone. The goal of the project was to secure the completion of three conservation easements from participants in the workshops. Due to low landowner participation and the significant decision involved in completing a conservation transaction, this goal was determined to be unrealistic, and RLT focused its time and resources on working with landowners within the NHEP area and the targeted river corridors who were ready to commence with a conservation transaction. Four landowners within the targeted river corridors or communities have contacted RLT in the past year. RLT has completed one conservation easement on land on the Exeter River in Sandown, has two pending conservation projects (one easement and one fee simple) on the Lamprey River in Epping, and has one pending conservation easement on land in Brentwood.


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