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The Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC) provided two forms of technical assistance to coastal communities to raise awareness and understanding of how to limit impervious surface cover, mitigate impacts of development, and protect water resources. The first phase of this project involved the organization of a workshop entitled “Improving Site Planning and Site Design for Sustainable Development”, held October 4, 2004 in Durham, New Hampshire. The workshop was offered to local decision makers and municipal employees in the forty two coastal communities and featured speakers from state agencies, local government, and the private sector.For the second phase of this project, the RPC worked with Planning Boards in three coastal communities in New Hampshire - North Hampton, Greenland, and East Kingston, to review existing land use regulations and development review procedures. RPC staff used information from the Center for Watershed Protection to complete these reviews. Reports were prepared for the three communities which include recommendations for changes to local land use regulations to limit impervious surface and protect water resources.


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