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The New Hampshire Estuaries Project contracted with the Center for Land Conservation Assistance, a program of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forest, to provide targeted education activities and technical support to increase the capacity of conservation groups in the New Hampshire seacoast area to achieve permanent land conservation. The target audiences were the five land trusts and two county conservation districts serving the NHEP area, municipal conservation commissions and open space committees, municipal and land use attorneys, and real estate professionals. CLCA provided 15 public educational and training events, as well a numerous individual consultations, that reached some 350 seacoast area people coming from at least 27 of the 42 area towns. Over the course of the project, land trusts and towns accomplished permanent conservation of nearly 2500 acres of land. Towns voted to allocate close to $6 million to additional land conservation. The project was highly successful, but ongoing education and support are needed to assist conservation activists in these communities in continuing their efforts.


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