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Bear-Paw Regional Greenways successfully completed the tasks as outlined in the grant application and award from the New Hampshire Estuaries Project as of August 31st, 2003 for the project titled: Natural Resource Mapping and Land Protection Technical Assistance. The project included the completion of a series of Natural Resource Inventory maps that were produced using current statewide natural resource digital data. We worked with a consultant from the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests to produce a total of 40 different large format maps using geographic information systems. The maps produced included: aerial photos, water resource maps, significant wildlife habitat maps, natural resource co-occurrence maps, and tax map overlays. The maps were produced at both a regional scale that included all of the seven Bear-Paw towns, as well as maps in the series for each individual town. Bear-Paw received a full set of the regional maps and each of the seven member-towns received a full set of town-wide maps and one copy of the Regional Natural Resource Co-occurrence map. In addition to providing the towns with the large scale laminated map series, Bear-Paw provided each town with a CD containing all of the map data.In addition to the mapping assistance that was provided through the grant, Bear-Paw used the funding to provide direct technical and transactional assistance to towns and landowners to complete land protection projects in the region. The funds were used to pay for services of a land protection consultant who was hired to draft conservation easement language, an attorney to review all documents and assist at closing, other fees and transaction costs related to the projects, and to cover the cost of some of the time that Bear-Paw’s Executive Director spent on the land protection projects.


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