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The Seacoast Land Trust mission is to actively promote and effect the protection and stewardship of open lands in the Seacoast. Since our founding in 1998, programs and outings have been an essential part of the organizations activities. Through our programs we strive to raise the awareness about the importance of land conservation and land stewardship. The grant funding allowed us to offer a wide range of programs and activities and to focus on the importance of protection to our coastal habitats and wetland resources. The programs involved participants with a wide range of ages and interests and included concerned citizens, municipal and conservation leaders, students, and members of civic organizations. Highlights of these activities, their turnout and comments from participants are presented below. In all of these programs Seacoast Land Trust presented information on its current land protection programs and land conservation success stories as part of the activities. A presentation of mapping of the lands within the SLT service area, previously funded by the New Hampshire Estuaries Project and the New Hampshire Coastal Program was also displayed at each event. We ended up adding three additional programs and activities above the ten activities/programs originally proposed.


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