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A series of field experiments was conducted at two intertidal sites in the Hampton Seabrook Estuary from November 2004-2006 to assess the efficacy of enhancing intertidal areas with cultured clam (Mya arenaria L.) seed (mean shell length [SL] = 7-10 mm). Measurement variables in each experiment included survival and growth of both cultured and wild seed clams. The first of three trials (November 2004 - May 2005) examined the interactive effects of size of planting area (4 m2, 8 m2, 12 m2, and 18 m2) and predator deterrent netting (none, 4.2 mm, and 6.4 mm aperture [flexible, plastic netting]) at the Willows Flat in the Hampton River. The second trial (June - October 2005) examined the effect of predator deterrent netting at two discrete intertidal locations at the Willows Flat. The third trial (April - November 2006) replicated trial two except at two intertidal sites within the estuary approximately 3 km apart.


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