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The 16.02-acre Garrity Reserve lies on the west side of Garrity Road in the northeast region of the Town of Lee, New Hampshire (Map 1). The Garrity Reserve is identified on the Lee Tax Map as Map 9 Lots 3- 0 and 3-1 (Appendix A). The parcel has just over 790-feet of frontage on Garrity Road. There is no parking on the property; visitors park on the opposite side of Garrity Road, alongside the Gluke cemetery. The property is bordered by a residential subdivision to the west and rural residences to the north and south. A large portion of the property was a former sand and gravel pit operated by the Town of Durham. The two entrances to the pit are gated and the “roads” into the pit are overgrown. The remaining land is upland white pine forest. A few pockets of wetland are found at the bottom of the pit, resulting from the excavation. Early successional species including gray birch and aspen, along with white pine and pitch pine are growing in the previously excavated area. Invasive species, including multiflora rose and Japanese knotweed, heavily infest the northern entrance road and the north slope of the pit. Piles of asphalt and a large boulder pile remain. A portion of the northern slope of the pit is laden with debris, similar to an old farm dump. The steeper areas of the un-reclaimed pit are exposed sandy slopes.


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