A Few Words from the Editors

The 2016 edition of Perspectives reflects the diverse interests found within the Sociology Department at University of New Hampshire. This year, five undergraduate students explored topics focused on the environment, education, social networks, and the criminal justice system. Submissions underwent a peer review process, resulting in the following selection of exceptional research.

We appreciate the authors’ commitment to publish and share their work.

—Jessie Bolin and Emily (Harvey) Whitmore


Jessie Bolin
Emily (Harvey) Whitmore


The editors would like to thank Dr. Glauber, Dr. Tucker, and the graduate student editors, Alli Puchlopek and Michael Staunton, for their help with this year's edition. The editors would also like to thank all of the professors who encouraged their students to submit articles, and especially all the authors who worked long and hard to make this year's edition such a success.