A Few Words from the Editors

The UNH Sociology Department encourages its undergraduate students to think critically about the issues facing the world today. In this year’s edition of Perspectives, select students use their research skills to write intriguing papers that span the breadth of sociological research. The themes of this year’s edition include: academic achievement and success, motherhood and career, criminal justice, socioeconomic status, and gender and race consciousness. This year's journal includes both primary research and as well as in depth reviews.

We are grateful to all the authors who submitted papers to this year's edition, and are pleased to present these papers for your reading enjoyment.


Joe Maio, Danielle Mason, and Liza LaRoche
The Perspectives Editors


Joe Maio
Danielle Mason
Liza LaRoche


The editors would like to thank Dr. Glauber, Dr. Tucker, and the graduate student editors, Alli Puchlopek and Michael Staunton, for their help with this year's edition. The editors would also like to thank all of the professors who encouraged their students to submit articles, and especially all the authors who worked long and hard to make this year's edition such a success.