Spring 2014

A Few Words from the Editors

The Undergraduate Sociology student body is comprised of bright, hardworking students who push themselves to become better-skilled researchers and social scientists. As they grow in the academic world, they are introduced to topics for which they feel a passion. Through their dedication to an idea, they delve into research to identify solutions to social problems or to offer more clarity on important social concepts. Thus, many students commit to months of data collection and writing as they develop their own piece of academic literature.

It should be recognized that, for many individuals, these research projects represent the culmination of their life as a student. They have grown from being eager and inquisitive young adults to trained social scientists. They now hold a keen sense of skepticism and a sharp critical eye. Their ability to construct a research paper is a reflection of the skills that they have honed and developed.

This year, four undergraduate students felt called to take their papers to the next level and publish them in the University of New Hampshire’s official Undergraduate Sociology Journal, Perspectives. These students received grades for their papers, but their grades did not mark the end of their progress. Being published in Perspectives is an accomplishment that few can claim. The following five articles, including two from one author, are the works of the next generation of brave sociologists, acting as testimonies that they are skilled social scientists. Be prepared for an academic adventure!


Benjamin Bullock and Sharon Tarleton
The Perspectives Editors


Perspectives Editors


Perspectives Editors


Benjamin Bullock
Sharon Tarleton