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In this issue:

Jury Verdicts and Biases in the United States by Valerie Barthell

The Effects of the Characteristics of a Violent Crime and Its Offender on Recidivism Rates: A Literature Review by Ashley Clark

Do Race, Religion, or Gender Affect Death Penalty Support In the United States? by Celie Morin

Student Attitudes towards Male Inmate Sexual Violence: Gender Differences in Perceptions of Victimization Policy by Bethany Schmidt

Student Perspectives on Law Enforcement at UNH by Victoria Vinciguerra and Dana Magane

The Israel‐Palestine Problem: How Minimizing the Conflict Would Lower the Threat of Terrorism Against the U.S by Ashley Charron

The Family’s Influence in Determining Adolescent Religiosity by Ryan Rafford

The Effects of Parenting Style on Adolescent Substance Use by Samantha Story

How Do Social and Economic Factors Affect Academic Achievement among Adolescent Students? An Observation of Community Social Capital, Peer Relationships, and Economic Composition by Kendall Clark

The Effect of Socioeconomic Status, Parental Involvement and Self Esteem on the Education of African Americans by Kelby M. Mackell

Factors Affecting Parental Involvement with Children’s Education: A Qualitative Study of Parents’ Socioeconomic Status, Level of Education, and Parental School Relationship by Callen Rockwell

Mass Media and Socio‐Cultural Pressures on Body Image and Eating Disorders among Adolescent Women by Shanon Farley

The Effects of Violent Video Games on Adolescent Aggression and Behavior through the Perspective of Social Learning Theory by Mackenzie Colburn

The Effects of Consuming Pornography: Men’s Attitudes Towards Violence against Women, Dominance over and Objectification of Women and Sexual Expectations of Women by Danielle Hernandez

Affluence, Loss, and the Ethos of the American Dream: The Impact of Tragedy on Upper‐ Class Suburban Identity by Barrett Mueller



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