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Mis-perceptions and biases surrounding women's sexual health and behavior makes it almost impossible to determine what constructs a women's sexual behavior; social forces or their personal orientation. Social forces may have a stronger influence on a women’s sexual development and behavior than orientation, which is what incites the process of how she is perceived and thus constructs her behavior. Analysis of interviews with three women will attempt to theorize a micro-qualitative explanation behind female sexual behavior; Harriet, a 22 year old identified as a gay woman; Jane, a 21year old who identifies as a heterosexual or straight woman; and Emily a 21 year old questioning/bisexual woman.

The topics addressed in the interviews include sexual history and orientation surrounding different stages of life. They will be discussed in the same order as they were presented in the interviews and lead into how they created the development of self-discovery in regards to the individual's orientation. The discussion will demonstrate how feelings about orientation and sexual behavior changed or developed because of current social norms and discuss those that it did not affect.