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This literature review explores the relationship of how excess weight affects women's romantic relationships. Romantic relationship success has been assessed through the measures of body image and BMI. These similar measures of excessive weight were compared to determine the best measure/method to represent the relationship between excess weight and women’s romantic relationships. The hypothesis stated that excessive weight (in terms of body image, and not BMI) would decrease the overall success of women’s romantic relationships. Findings throughout this literature review have concluded that women have higher social pressure to be thin, women feel excess weight stigma more and this can result in worse body image, and that women who have worse body image due to excess weight are less likely to have successful romantic relationships. The main findings illustrated that the excessive weight measures of body image and BMI were related to romantic relationship success for women (whereas when body image decreased romantic relationship success decreased and when BMI increased romantic relationship success decreased overall); however, body image was found to be the better measure of excessive weight in looking at this relationship as the perception of weight was statistically significant in determining relationship success whereas BMI was not. Overall, the hypothesis was supported.



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