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This literature review discusses the effects of an individual or community’s socioeconomic status and race on their access to healthcare in the United States as important and controversial. Health issues affect all Americans, yet inequalities still exist in the healthcare system. Aspects of socioeconomic status and race are prevalent factors in many social problems, especially in their significant influence on access to, quality of, and availability of healthcare that a person receives. The reviewed studies discuss how social stratification regarding socioeconomic status and race lead to disparities in the field of healthcare when discussing the quality of care, health insurance, health status, survival rates, waiting times, and locations of routine care. Being of low socioeconomic status or a minority race inhibits one’s life chances regarding healthcare. Based on a variety of studies focusing on both socioeconomic status and race, the results supported my thesis that these variables have a negative relationship regarding access to healthcare when an individual is of low socioeconomic status or a minority race.



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