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The literature review provides an overview of the development of code switches, or the event in which one changes from a non-native language to a native language, in the field of sociology. Previous sociological studies largely explored the topic of code switch, as it related to how language impacts different minority groups, such as African Americans/Blacks, Latinx, and/or Asian individuals, in terms of employment and education opportunities. In general, treatment among minority status individuals were unequal and the literature mostly focused on the listener’s perspective. Thereupon, this literature review seeks to focus on the importance of studying the speaker’s perspective, and in particular college students. Focusing on these perspectives are important, because the previous literature did not explore the speaker’s reactions to listener bias. In addition, studying college students who code switch is key, since college is a time in which soft skills are developed for future employment. Unless a minority status individual’s perceptions are included in the literature of code switching, it may be difficult to make changes in the way one acquires life skills for future education or employment.



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