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In this research, I wanted to explore age at the start of birth control use and whether that has an effect on safe sex decision making in a sexual situation. To gather findings, a survey was administered to UNH students. There was a total of 393 respondents. 322 people answered the independent variable question and 321 people answered the dependent variable question. The independent variable question in the survey asked; “Before entering college, did you ever use birth control (such as condom, pill, IUD, etc.)” and the dependent variable question asked; ‘‘Have you ever had sex without birth control because your partner persuaded you not to?’’ Of the 97 people who responded “no” to the independent variable question, 13 answered “yes” to the dependent variable question (13.4%). Of the 224 that responded “yes” to the independent variable question, 53 responded “yes” to the dependent variable question (23.66%). From this research, we found that beginning birth control use before college does not relate to letting a partner sway your decision to use birth control in a sexual situation.



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