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Michael Kimmel’s book Guyland has been touted as a must read look into the secret lives of guys, the next step to understanding the troubled generation of college age guys. After reading the book I found I had insight into many things in my life that I had never really stopped to analyze. It also left me with unanswered questions, which were spawned mostly from one sentence in the book. “No wonder Guys… are six times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls.”(Kimmel pg.54). As a college age guy with ADHD, I can say with certainty that it has shaped the last several years of my life, and thinking of the amount of other guys I know with ADHD I wonder how a social phenomenon like this could be passed over with such a simple, dismissive statement. I decided that it was imperative to look further into this and enter into a sort of sociological discussion with Kimmel and see what I would find.

It was important for me to think of ADHD phenomenally. A great debate rages over the biological legitimacy of ADHD and ADD. This is simply not what this paper purposes to seek out. The fact that so many people believe avidly that this is a real condition and that so many people who have no been diagnosed are affected by it, make ADHD a social fact. This is not to dispute either sides claims, it is merely to say this is a social phenomenon that needs to be looked at. The fact that Kimmel did not look at it is why this study has been undertaken.



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