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This technical supplement provides additional, supplementary information in relation to the article “When people estimate their personal intelligence who is overconfident? Who is accurate”, an article to appear in 2021 in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. The Table of Contents indicates what is included. The Technical Supplement contains a general description of the data sets employed, along with analyses that in some places duplicate those of the article, and in other places go beyond them.

Principal Investigator: John D. Mayer, Psychology Department, University of New Hampshire

Co-Investigator: David R. Caruso, Office of Dean of Yale College, Yale University

Co-Investigator: A. T. Panter, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Date of data collections: 2012 to 2018

Location of data collections: (a) Chapel Hill, North Carolina, (b) Durham, New Hampshire, and (c) online through Amazon Mechanical Turk

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