Submissions from 2021


Nitrate uptake enhanced by availability of dissolved organic matter in tropical montane streams, Bianca M. Rodriguez-Cardona, Adam S. Wymore, and William H. McDowell

Submissions from 2020


Wildfires lead to decreased carbon and increased nitrogen concentrations in upland arctic streams, Bianca M. Rodriguez-Cardona, A. A. Coble, Adam S. Wymore, R. Kolosov, D. C. Podgorski, P. Zito, R. G. M. Spencer, A. S. Projushkin, and William H. McDowell

Submissions from 2018


Thinning treatments reduce severity of foliar pathogens in eastern white pine, Cameron D. McIntire, Isabel A. Munck, Mark J. Ducey, and Heidi Asbjornsen