New Hampshire Sea Grant

Based at the University of New Hampshire, New Hampshire Sea Grant is part of the National Sea Grant College Program administered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Operating through a university-based network, Sea Grant supports integrated research, education, and extension to help balance the conservation of coastal and marine resources with a sustainable economy and environment. In this framework, Sea Grant provides unique expertise for those who live and work in our coastal environments, and those who make decisions about these resources. Sea Grant uses research results to solve real-world problems, prepares the next generation to be scientifically literate about the marine environment, and provides fair, accurate and balanced scientific information to all those with a stake in marine management. New Hampshire Sea Grant routinely produces reports, fact sheets, outreach materials, and scientific documents for general and specific audiences and stakeholders. For more information about New Hampshire Sea Grant, visit


Submissions from 2023


New Hampshire Volunteer Beach Profile Monitoring Program (VBPMP): Implementation, Field Methods, and Data Processing, Larry G. Ward, Rachel C. Morrison, Alyson Eberhardt, and Wellsley Costello