An Effort to Fabricate Clinically Relevant Scaffold Using 3D Bioprinting Processes


Three-dimensional bio-printing is a rapidly growing field attempting to recreate functional tissues for medical and pharmaceutical purposes. Development of functional tissues and organs requires the ability to achieve large full-scale scaffolds that mimic human organs. It is difficult to achieve large scaffolds that can support themselves without damaging printed cells in the process. The high viscosity needed to support large prints requires high amounts of pressure that diminishes cell viability and proliferation. By working with the rheological, mechanical, and microstructural properties of different compositions, a set of biomaterial compositions was identified to have high structural integrity and shape fidelity without needing a harmful amount of pressure to extrude. Various large scalescaffolds were fabricated (up to 3.0 cm, 74 layers) using those hybrid hydrogels ensuring geometric fidelity. This effort can ensure to fabricate large scaffolds using 3D bio-printing processes ensuring proper internal and external geometries

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Proceedings for IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2022

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Conference Proceeding


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