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This introductory video is part of a larger product called the “Science-Based Role Play Simulation for Engaged Decision Making – A Dam Negotiation Application.” The role-play is a seven-party, eight-person (including the small-group facilitator), multi-issue negotiation simulation concerning current and future management of dams in a coastal basin. The complete package of this simulation includes the following materials: teaching instructions, presentation slides and instructional video, table place cards for each of the seven roles, general instructions for all players (which includes a link to the web-based system dynamics model user interface), and confidential instructions for each of the eight players. The purpose of this video is to introduce the user to the role-play simulation setting and components.

Video Voiceover by: Natallia Leuchanka Diessner, Cuihong Song

William Winslow of the UNH Data Discovery Center helped with developing the web-based user interface.

For a higher resolution version of the video, please download the attached file.


Natural Resources and the Environment, Civil and Environmental Engineering

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This role-play case was developed with funding provided by the National Science Foundation's Research Infrastructure Improvement (NSF #IIA-1539071).

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