The Northeast Port Biological Sampling Program collects marine organism lengths, length frequencies and age structures (otoliths, scales, spines, etc...) which are strategically requested to attain a representative sample of the associated federally managed stocks. Historically the biological sampling staff have used paper based data collection methods in the field and then transcribed this data into a web based data entry application. These methods are prone to error in legibility, transcription and data entry; an electronic data collection process will significantly reduce the quantity of errors, improve the efficiency of data collection activities and increase data quality.

The Biological Port Sampling Software (BIOSAMP) will validate data during entry activities in order to prevent errors from occurring during data collection. This system will also reduce the time of data collection, minimize the delay between data entry and data access by end users, and minimize the need for data auditing and editing activities.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Project Management


Winter 2019


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