DT7 Software Replacement


In my department we rely heavily on documentation for policy, procedure, and training purposes. Due to the size of our document repository, we utilize a software tool (DT7) that saves more than 75% of our time drafting documents and ensuring all documents are uniform in style. We were informed the software tool we use was no longer being supported by our IT department as the company that owns the product was closing by January 2022. Learning of this news, I proactively researched an alternative and presented my findings to my manager. I was then assigned to lead the project. I selected this specific project because I am an expert in the tool that was no longer being supported. I utilized the waterfall methodology because it was the perfect approach to a short and uncomplicated project, that yielded a successful result. The budget was approved, went through our procurement group, and we were able to purchase 30 licenses with technical support for 1 year for the replacement software tool (FSP), which also included technical support.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Project Management


Spring 2022

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