One of the main problems in the nonprofit sector is high turnover and burnout as this type of work can become exhausting with long hours and little pay. Through this research I seek to answer the question, “does transformational leadership reduce burnout and high turnover in nonprofit organizations”? My hypothesis is that transformational leadership will help reduce burnout and turnover, if nonprofits seek out this type of leadership as their first step to a solution. This paper provides an overview of how transformational leadership in nonprofit organizations reduces burnout and high turnover. Theories of transformational leadership provide important insights about the nature of effective leadership. Vision, inspirational communication, intellectual stimulation, supportive leadership and personal recognition are all addressed. The findings suggest that transformational leadership has a significant positive association with personal accomplishment and is negatively related to burnout and turnover. This research opines that transformational leadership not only directly prevents employees from forming intentions to leave or become burned out it also indirectly cultivates a collaborative culture in nonprofit organizations.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Spring 2018

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