Racial microaggressions have essentially replaced overt racism in American society, and are largely a result of unconscious biases. Although microaggressions are more subtle in nature, they can still have a profound impact on minority students while attending institutes of higher learning. This can often lead to academic underperformance and/or social isolation. The focus of this study is to determine whether or not a servant leadership approach to community development could help reduce incidents of microaggression and lessen their negative effects on minority students. There is an emphasis on food and the university dining program in combination with servant leadership as a vehicle for educating, empowering and connecting students from all backgrounds to create a more inclusive campus community. Although further research is needed, literature review and personal testimonials (interviews) indicate there is a positive correlation between servant leadership and decreased racial microaggressions and increased inclusivity on the campus indicated.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Spring 2020

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