A Team Design in the Beauty Industry is important, because it plays a significant role, and is crucial to the overall outcomes. Building the right team in a beauty salon is Stela’s interest, because she met a problem in her experience, of owning a beauty salon in the past with a self-managed team structure of independent contractors. And her current experience of working as an employee in a big salon with a functional type of team makes her agree that in a beauty salon it is necessary a strong member to work together as one team to become successful. In the research was addressed some theories about a team design in beauty salon and/or other organizations, the issue which can arise from a lack of good team and was used interviews with salon managers. The research paper and Stela’s experiences demonstrate that a strong and organized team in a beauty salon result in the effective outcomes. The information from this paper and interviews show that each business can use different team design, it depends of the leader’s choice, but she is trying to make the point and recommend for leaders in a beauty salon; a team design whose members work together as a one collaborative group, because it can be more successful than a self-employed team and can reduce the problems.

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Fall 2019

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