The intent of this research project is to identify connections between championed models and strategies of transformational leadership relative to the purported roles of both would-be leaders and followers. The value of this qualitative study is its contribution to an existing body of research that seeks to turn transformational leadership theory into a practical, implementable strategy. Resources reviewed in this qualitative study were academic journals, materials used in master’s program course-work, articles in favor of transformational leadership theory, and the works of authors critical of the applicability of said method. This study concludes that while transformational leadership theory is fitting for the modern audience, it is flawed in its assumption that traits of the leader will have transformational effects upon the follower. The recommendation is that sociologists use transformational leadership theory as a launching point, spending more resources on examining the role of the proactive follower in modern leadership strategies.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Spring 2020

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