In view of a rapidly changing business environment, leaders must adapt and reshape their approach to management. Leaders need to apply strategies that will help bring people toward purpose, fulfillment, and growth. Servant leadership is based on the concept that leaders who are best able to motivate their followers are those who focus least on satisfying their own needs, and most on prioritizing the needs of their followers. The focus of this study includes a systematic literature review and the identification of key functions of servant leaders. These functions were supported by 10 servant leader characteristics and competencies as defined by the literature. The favorable outcomes of a servant leadership approach are clearly noted, however further research is called for to clarify the oxymoron found in the term servant leadership and how it is best implemented. The results of this study will help future leaders to develop servant leaders more effectively and assist organizations in generating a servant leader culture.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Fall 2018