This study intends to make a compelling case for church organizations to consider leaderful practice that is based on a shared leadership theory. This study was selected because of my association with church organizations for 36 years. This study utilizes a qualitative academic literature review as well as quantitative research from an online questionnaire/survey based on Raelin’s Leaderful Questionnaire. The focus is on shared leadership theory which underlies leaderful practice in organizations. The study introduces concurrent, collective, collaborative, and compassionate components of the practice as a rationale for a new paradigm of leadership today. The quantitative data showed a remarkable large majority of participants demonstrating high inclination towards an overall leaderful practice influence, but also showing a above average bias for the four stated aspects of leaderful practice. We are introduced to a true model of mutual interaction that incorporates bringing out leadership in everyone.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Fall 2020