In a perfect world, collegiate internships are valuable for employers, students, and institutions. These partnerships can offer an avenue for an institution-to-business pipeline for employers, streamline students into careers that make use of their degrees, and increase the intuition’s employability rating. The reality is that stakeholders often fall short of the expectations that they have for one another; students are left looking for guidance, employers are frustrated with unfinished tasks, and educators are exasperated about how to bridge the gap between the two parties. Plans to develop a hospitality-focused internship program within the newly formed Office of Ceremonies and Events at Keene State College required a systematic review of stakeholders’ experiences, current toolkits, and the disparity between their expectations. The resulting toolkit synthesizes elements from a review of the literature, existing collegiate toolkits, and input from Keene State College professionals, all in support of the internship program.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Winter 2020

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Capstone Paper