This research entailed exploring the correlation between leadership engagement and the formation of an organizational lean culture. Additionally, it evaluated the impact leaders have on employee adoption of a lean culture and sustainability. Inspiration for this project resulted from former struggles experienced while establishing lean cultures. Initial research focused on understanding organizational culture, lean leadership, employee engagement, and then expanded to explore if leadership engagement affects the formation of a lean culture, employee adoption and sustainability. Overall, this research discerned that leadership engagement is an integral element not only in the formation of a lean culture but also in employee adoption and lean culture sustainment. In a time where 70% of workers are disengaged in their work but 80% of frontline workers are relied upon for an organization’s innovation and improvement ideas, the engagement of leadership is vital in increasing employee engagement with the goal of enriching the customer experience.

A video recording of this presentation is available here.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Fall 2021

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