This study delved into the details of leadership within intergenerational settings, spotlighting the pivotal role of effective communication and cultural comprehension. It underscores how intergenerational leadership shapes organizational dynamics, necessitating innovative methods and meticulous succession planning. The research emphasizes the imperative of acknowledging each generation's distinct contributions and the deployment of leadership training and mentorship initiatives to cultivate inclusive leadership spanning generations. This capstone research thesis aims to explore the challenges in executing effective intergenerational leadership practices in contemporary organizations, potentially uncovering issues like communication barriers, change resistance, or generational misunderstandings. The hypothesis posits that adeptly implemented intergenerational leadership practices in organizations can bolster communication, collaboration, and overall performance, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention across age brackets. Through thematic analysis of qualitative data, this research will unveil recurring patterns and insights, offering a nuanced grasp of participants' viewpoints and experiences via coding. The analysis accentuates the indispensability of intergenerational leadership, underscoring the significance of leveraging generational diversity and adept communication to amplify innovation, productivity, and organizational triumph. It stresses the need for strategic measures to surmount challenges, fostering a robust, competitive organizational milieu that cherishes each generation's unique input. In essence, effective intergenerational leadership demands a nuanced strategy that recognizes and harnesses each generation's unique strengths and viewpoints. By nurturing inclusive cultures and adopting adaptable leadership approaches, organizations can unlock the potential of generational diversity, propelling innovation, and ensuring sustained success in today's rapidly evolving global arena.

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Spring 5-8-2024

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