This research paper explores the prevalence, consequences, and mitigation strategies for workplace violence in healthcare. The literature focuses on the importance of leadership’s involvement of the implementation of change, providing programing, and obtaining buy-in from staff to combat what has consistently been a factor leading to employee burnout, assaultive behavior, and compromised patient safety. It shows that workplace violence has been a constant in healthcare, however, has escalated post COVID-19 pandemic. Research and statistics show that workplace violence in healthcare is more prevalent than in other fields and is on the rise. A multiple-choice survey was conducted using Survey Monkey, and electronic feedback was gathered. Questions asked were specific to workplace violence (physical assault) recipients. Responses were collected anonymously. Data was then reviewed in a continuous effort to support staff, encourage leadership support and offer tailored training programs. The research showed ways that recipients of workplace violence can best be supported by leadership and what processes need to be improved.

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Spring 2024