Effect of yield criterion on numerical simulation results using a stress-based failure criterion


Determining tearing concerns in numerical simulations of sheet metal components is difficult since the traditional failure criterion, which is strain-based, exhibits a strain path dependence. A stress-based, as opposed to a strain-based, failure criterion has been proposed and demonstrated analytically, experimentally in tube forming, and through numerical simulations. The next step in this progression to the acceptance of a stress-based forming limit diagram is to demonstrate how this failure criterion can be used to predict failure of sheet metal parts in numerical simulations. In this paper, numerical simulation results for dome height specimens are presented and compared to experimental data. This procedure was repeated for various yield criteria to examine the effect of this parameter on the ability to predict failure in the numerical simulations. Reasonable agreement was obtained comparing the failure predicted from numerical simulations and those found experimentally, in particular for the yield criterion which has been shown to best characterize the material used in this study.


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Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology-Transactions of the Asme


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