[Excerpt] "The Constitution did not become our basic law at a single point in time. We ratified its first seven articles in 1788 but have since amended it 27 times. Many of these amendments memorialize fundamental shifts in values. Thus, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Constitution is not an internally consistent document."

"Other constitutional provisions -- even provisions that were simultaneously enacted -- protect freedoms that can come into conflict with one another. The First Amendment, for example, promises both freedom from governmental endorsement of religion and freedom from governmental interference with religious practice. But how do these provisions apply when a religious group seeks to use a public facility -- say, a public high school auditorium -- that is made available for use by other non-religious groups from outside the school?”

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Concord Monitor

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This article is part of the series Constitutional Connections by John M. Greabe and was originally published by the Concord Monitor.