In October, I travelled to Dublin, Ireland to deliver a talk at the 13th Dublin Symposium on Jonathan Swift at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where Swift was dean from 1714-1745. This invitation-only gathering, organized by Professor Emeritus Robert Mahony of the Catholic University of America, is the only annual meeting dedicated to Swift Studies in the world. It is rivalled only by the Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift, which meets every four or five years in Germany and which I attend from time to time. It is made possible by the current Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Very Reverend Victor Stacey, and the Jonathan Swift Foundation. My personal participation was funded by CIE, the UNH Center for the Humanities, and the UNH English department. This funding also enabled me to spend additional time in Dublin performing archival research on manuscripts at Marsh’s Library, the eighteenth-century library of the Cathedral.

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Fall 2014


University of New Hampshire

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