Development of an Evidence-Based Data Skills Curriculum for Public Health Professionals


Background: This article examines the development and implementation of “Prove It! Let the Data Tell the Story”, a day-and-a-half replicable training curriculum designed to enhance the data and information skills of public health professionals. Purpose: Prove It! emphasizes the importance of reliable and valid health data collection, analysis, and reporting in identifying the surrounding issues that have a measurable impact on communities. Methods: A total of 56 participants attended Prove It! in 2004 and 2005 during three sessions across New Hampshire. Participants were administered pre- and post-tests to evaluate knowledge and satisfaction. Results: Attendees showed marked improvement in the understanding of statistical concepts, and a majority of attendees felt the course would assist them personally in their work and reported that they would recommend Prove It! to colleagues. Discussion: The Prove It! curriculum provides an effective and user-friendly format for enhancing data and information skills within a train-the-trainer format. Translation to Health Education Practice: Prove It! allows organizations to enhance the analytic skill sets of the public health and social service workforce personnel within their communities.


Health Management and Policy

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American Journal of Health Education


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