Using Synthetic Rope in Timber Harvesting.


This paper describes a pilot study of end connections for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene 12-strand braided rope (synthetic rope) for use in timber harvesting applications. Fourteen different end connections for 14mm and 16mm diameter synthetic rope were developed and break tested to determine suitability.

Three types of end connections were evaluated: spliced, adhesives, and dry hardware. Spliced end connections provided consistent performance in breaking strengths. End connections with adhesive had variable strength performance and are therefore not recommended. Within the dry hardware group, the pinned nubbin and knuckle link provided the highest breaking strengths. Suitable end connections for forest operations were: buried eye splice, Whoopie Sling, long splice, rope clamps, knuckle link, pinned nubbin, and in limited applications, rope clamps. Further research and development is needed on these six concepts with larger sample sizes and under testing and operating varied conditions.

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International Journal of Forest Engineering


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